Life-long Care For Our Beneficiaries

Pensioner Medical Plan (PMP)

In order to deliver on its promise to provide Caring, Compassionate Compensation, RMA recognised the need for a formal structured programme to address the medical needs of disabled and injured workers through proactive medical interventions.

Key features of the PMP ensure that disabled employees are effectively classified and obtain regular medical services as required. Each region has a dedicated pensions medical case auditor (PMCA) responsible for the co-ordination of patient needs and for the administration of the PMP plan in that region. RMA identifies and uses preferred healthcare providers that are locally based, to minimise patient inconvenience while maximising cost-effectiveness of treatment, including patient transportation costs.


Mobile Clinic

RMA, in partnership with medical orthotists and prosthetists, Marissa Nel & Associates, has a mobile prosthetic and orthotic clinic that travels to pensioners who have been disabled or physically challenged as a result of their work-related injuries. Some of the pensioners live in far-reaching rural areas with little accessibility to the treatment facilities available in the cities.

The mobile clinic offers unique medical access to pensioners insured by RMA and travels both within South Africa and to six neighbouring countries. The structure of numerous mobile and assessment clinics per year enables RMA to interact with, and understand the social needs of, the pensioners that fall within the initiative.

During visits to these pensioners, prosthetic limbs are made, and repairs are done, on-site. To further deliver on our promise of Caring Compassionate Compensation, the socio-economic circumstances of these pensioners are assessed and, where necessary, they are assisted with numerous food projects and upliftment programmes. These include the provision of seeds and gardening implements from the social fund, house renovations and the donation of shoes and clothes. The mobile clinic recently celebrated a decade of care.