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Employers must report accurate earnings of the employee when submitting a claim to us. Find guidelines on how to report employee earnings here.

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RMA goes the extra mile to care for you and your family if you have been injured at work or have contracted a work-related disease. If you are fatally injured in a work-related accident, RMA goes to great lengths to track down your beneficiaries, even if they are living in hard to reach rural areas, to ensure that they receive their rightful compensation and are cared for in their time of need.

If you are injured or have contracted an illness at work, you need to:

  1. Inform your employer immediately by means of your company’s internal procedures. Your employer must report the accident to RMA within seven days from the date of the accident for all injuries, or within 14 days of diagnosis of disease.

  2. Submit the following documents to your employer who will in turn need to submit these to RMA together with your claim:

    1. Certified copy of your ID or passport.

    2. Proof of banking details in order for us to be able to make payment directly into your bank account.

    3. Contact details in order for us to be able to contact and communicate with you. We require:

      • Your full residential and/or postal address.

      • Your cell number.

      • Your email address (where applicable).

    4. Completed Section 51 document if you are under the age of 26 years or if you are a learner or trainee.

    5. Medical reports – your first medical report from your treating doctor must be submitted with your original claim, however, additional medical reports are required during the course of your treatment so that we may track your progress, particularly in the case of Temporary Total Disablement (TTDs), also known as days off or temporary income replacement benefit.

    6. Final assessment – this is the final document that will be submitted to RMA regarding your claim. You should not resume work unless the final assessment has been conducted by the treating doctor. This assessment allows RMA to assess if there is any permanent disablement in terms of COIDA. Should there be permanent disablement, you are entitled to compensation. If the injury is assessed at between 1% and 30% you will receive a lump sum payment. If the injury is assessed at between 31% and 100% you will be on a disability pension for life.


A pensioner is defined as an injured employee whose injury is assessed at between 31% and 100% disablement. They are placed on a monthly disability pension for the rest of their life. The pension received depends on the degree of disability.

In the event of death as a result of your work-related injury or disease, compensation is payable to your financial dependents i.e. the widow/er and children, who will then also receive a monthly pension.

RMA verifies South African pensioners directly through the South African Department of Home Affairs on a monthly basis. You are requested to inform RMA when your contact details change to ensure for uninterrupted payments.


How do I know if my company falls within one of the Class IV or Class XIII sub-classes, and if my company is currently in good standing with RMA?

Class IV (Mining)
Industry classification
Company Listing

Class XIII (Iron, Steel, Metal)
Industry classification
Company Listing

What do I need to report?
All work-related injuries on duty, regardless of the severity of the injury, need to be reported to RMA. This includes:

  • minor lacerations

  • contusions

  • abrasions

  • first aid cases

According to the Compensation for Occupational Injury and Disease Act (COIDA), if an employee reports an accident alleged to have taken place in the workplace yet the employer is not convinced it is a work-related accident, it must still be reported to RMA. What is required for RMA to accept liability?

A claim is not a guarantee of payment and only once liability has been accepted by RMA will a claim be paid. The below information is needed by RMA in order for liability to be assessed:

  1. RMA needs to receive a fully completed and signed RMA accident or disease claim form (please note that this must be completed on an RMA form and not that of the Compensation Fund).

  2. Personal details of injured employee, including:

    • ID Number;

    • Cell phone number of employer; and

    • Company Number.

  3. A First Medical Report confirming the injury and that it is work-related.

  4. Accident earnings:

    • An average of six months earnings prior to the date of the accident;

    • Basic earnings;

    • Variable earnings;

    • Non-variable earnings; and

    • Section 51 earnings (where applicable).

How do I register with RMA’s online services?
RMA has streamlined the registration process with a self-help model that allows for convenient and efficient online registration.

Step 1
Click on the “Online Services” tab.

Step 2
Click on “Register for Online Services” link

Step 3
Complete the online registration form and click “Register” once completed. Please use your BP number as the CF reference number.

Step 4
We will send your new log in details by email which you can use for future log-ins to the system.

How do I submit earnings declarations?
Once you have received your user name, password and authentification key, you will have immediate access to RMA’s system via the online web portal as follows:

Online Declarations
Once you have received registered with RMA’s online services and received the email containing your username, password and authentication key, you may submit your earnings online as follows:

Step 1: Click on the Online Services tab
Step 2: Click on the Earnings Declaration Submission link.
Step 3: Click on the Online Declarations tab, followed by “New Declaration”.

Manual Submission
If you are unable to submit your declarations online, you may do so as follows:

Step 1: Click on the Downloads tab
Step 2: Click on the Forms link
Step 3: Download the Budgeted Declaration Form
Step 4: Email the completed and signed form to

How do I receive my invoice from RMA?
RMA requires your company VAT number which can be emailed to us on On receipt of your earnings declaration and VAT number, you will receive a tax invoice from RMA.

How do I register a claim?

  1. Quick and easy telephonic reporting through the RMA Contact Centre on 0860 222 132;

  2. Online claims submissions through RMA’s user-friendly claims management module, known as C-Filing. This can be accessed by clicking on the Online Services tab, followed by the Electronic Submission of Claims link (please ensure that you are registered with Online Services before submitting a claim).

What is the process once a claim has been registered?

  1. Supply the injured employee with the claim number
  2. Update outstanding information to the claim notification as follows:
    • Update the banking details of the injured employee to the system
    • Update the accident earnings to the system
    • Update contact details which may still be outstanding
  3. Submit scanned medical reports
  4. Submit Days Off claims

For more information on RMA’s claim cycle, click here.

Healthcare Providers

What are the COIDA tariffs?
2016 COIDA Tariffs

What is the criteria for invoice payment?
What constitutes a valid invoice?

How do I submit an invoice to RMA?
Invoices are submitted electronically through the various switching houses.
RMA offers an electronic self-help tool through our medical portal which allows you to better manage your RMA invoices with ease. This simple to use portal allows for the checking of claim numbers and the status of your invoices while permitting you to view your remittance advices and upload medical reports.

To view RMA’s claims cycle, click here.

How do I register on the medical portal?
Step 1: Click on the “Online Services” tab.
Step 2: Click on “Register for online services” link and complete the necessary information.
Step 3: Once your practice number has been verified against the BHF file you will be sent an email with your username and password.

Once registered on the medical portal you can view your remittance advices, upload medical reports, update your details, including banking details, and track your invoices by logging in with your user details.

Does RMA operate the same as a medical aid?
A medical aid is governed by the Council for Medical Schemes while RMA is an assurance company providing benefits in terms of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COIDA) under licence from Minister of Labour. It is thus important to note that treatments for an occupational injury or disease will be covered by RMA only once we have accepted liability in terms of COIDA.


Download Brochure: Understanding Compensation (PDF)


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