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RMA commits to responsible investing in South Africa over a period of 10 years

RMA’s largest commitment to responsible investing involves a R125 million contribution to the SummerPlace fund over a period of 10 years. SummerPlace Equity Partners is a black female-owned fund manager investing in medium-sized businesses valued up to R200 million. RMA supports SummerPlace with deal origination as well as transactional support, ensuring that that the investment is sustainable and profitable.

What is responsible investing?

Responsible investing is a broad-based approach to investment that factors in people, society and the environment. The world of investing is so much more than maximising returns and profit; we also need to consider the impact that ethical, environmental, social and corporate governance issues may have on the sustainability of a company. The principles for responsible investment were reinforced when the Code for Responsible Investing in South Africa (CRISA) came into effect in February 2012. While following CRISA principles is voluntary, investors are encouraged to adopt this approach as a means of promoting sustainable, corporate social investment in South Africa.

RMA’s Responsible Investing projects will include: 

  • Inorganic RMA & Collaborative Projects 
  • Inorganic Prevention Initiative 
  • Inorganic Rehabilitation Initiatives 
  • Other Strategic Initiatives

Although these projects are still in the development phase, our collaboration with SummerPlace illustrates the benefits of corporate social investment and implementing these initiatives as soon as possible. For this reason, responsible investment is one of the key aspects of RMA’s Social Impact Strategy.

RMA’s Social Impact Strategy & Corporate Social Responsibility

RMA’s Social Impact Strategy is designed to promote economic growth, uplift marginalised communities, and alleviate poverty in South Africa. It serves as a definitive plan with measurable outcomes and clear social impact. Responsible investing allows RMA to collaborate with a range of medium-sized businesses in various industries that exhibit major growth.

RMA’s Social Impact Strategy consists of 5 key pillars: 

  • Responsible Investing 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Financial Education & Inclusion 
  • Innovative Skills Development 
  • Diversity & Inclusion 

RMA’s key stakeholders include: 

  • Customers 
  • Employees 
  • Investors 
  • Communities 
  • Regulators and Government 
  • Intermediaries (brokers and healthcare workers providing services on behalf of RMA

Financial Education & Inclusion


Innovative Skills Development

Diversity & Inclusion

Award-winning personal finance coach, Mapalo Makhu, ran a successful financial education campaign for RMA. R58 million in funding has been contributed by RMA to supplier and enterprise development in South Africa. More than 250 persons with disabilities benefit from the Vocational Rehabilitation Programme that forms part of our skills development initiative. Given the socio-political context of South Africa, diversity and inclusion is critical to RMA’s social Impact Strategy.
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