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RMA Prevention Programme (health, safety & wellness) puts a spotlight on metal’s industry workers safety

31 JANUARY 2024 - Setting to promote a safer working environment and honour exceptional efforts in occupational health and safety (OHS), Rand Mutual Assurance (RMA) has unveiled an extensive Prevention Programme, marking a bold step towards prioritising the safety, health and well-being of workers in the critical metals industry.

The nation's industrialisation and job development are greatly aided by the steel sector, which also substantially boosts GDP. Fikile Majola, the Deputy Minister of Trade, Industry, and Competition, speaking at the recently held South African Iron and Steel Institute Summit, acknowledged the significance of the steel value chain and stressed its role in creating a sustainable economy. The value chain employs roughly 200,000 people, while the top steel-dependent businesses employ eight million people and provide nearly 15% of the nation's GDP. For these reasons, the significance of safety in this industry cannot be emphasised enough.

The difficulties the industry faces were stressed by Dr. Jessica Hutchings, Head of Prevention at RMA, particularly with regard to worker safety and well-being. Due to the intricate and demanding nature of the metals industry, workers are subjected to a variety of physical and environmental risks, including burns, cuts, and respiratory issues, as well as high temperatures, heavy machinery, and dangerous chemicals.

RMA's Prevention Programme adopts a proactive stance to enhance health, safety & wellness within the metals sector as a proactive response to these difficulties. Robust OHS measures are the programme's main focus. These measures include safety protocols, workplace hazard education, routine prevention inspections, and making sure that the right personal protective equipment (PPE) is available.

"Addressing these risks and promoting a safe and healthy workplace is crucial," Dr. Hutchings underlined. Our Prevention Programme aims to reduce workplace incidents and barriers to employee well-being in order to improve workers' general well-being and job satisfaction."

Putting employee wellness first not only improves overall productivity and fosters a happy work environment, but it also lowers absenteeism. Employers, workers, and unions collaborate to lower occupational incidents and diseases through the free RMA Prevention Programme, which provides a special combination of prevention measures that cover OHS and wellness.

RMA created the Prevention Awards to honour overall accomplishments in worker safety, health and innovation to better promote and reward exceptional efforts in Prevention. The RMA Prevention Member Award, Best Prevention Team, Best Prevention Project/Innovation Award, Best Prevention Champion, Best Prevention Campaign, RMA Top Prevention Award, and Rising Star of the Year Award are among the seven categories.

With the introduction of these awards, RMA hopes to promote, encourage, and raise awareness of Prevention in the Metals sector, leading to a safer workplace where workers may go home safely each and every day.

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