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RMA Group Funeral Plan:

This is a group funeral plan offered to companies for the benefit of their employees. The policy provides a lump-sum payment to cover costs related to a funeral. For all valid claims, we will make the payment within 48 hours after receiving all claim documents.

To help families get through times of distress a little bit easier, we have Assistance Services to support families, not only in times of grief but also for emergencies related to health, travel, law, education, and recoveries. Add a small additional amount to your funeral cover insurance premium to enjoy the benefits. Employers can join as individual companies, associations, or bargaining councils.

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Every employee has a story. RMA Group Funeral Insurance makes sure that every story ends with love and dignity.


What Is The Difference Between A Group Funeral Plan And Group Life Cover?

Most consumers are not aware that funeral cover companies can cover the immediate expenses of your funeral after death by paying the cash as a lump sum. Life insurance is an underwritten policy, which usually means you will undergo a medical test and answer several questions related to your medical history.

Underwritten funeral policies are more affordable, on the whole, for healthy people. This is because the insurer knows the exact risk of insuring you and can incorporate funeral cover benefits accordingly. In addition, funeral benefits are long term and the money paid out is higher.

The ‘group’ aspect of group funeral insurance means you will get life cover or employee funeral cover for everyone employed in the company. As part of the company funeral policy, you will get an aggregated risk assessment based on the risk of the group (staff) as a whole. This makes affordable funeral cover more accessible than if every member of staff tried to get their own individual employee cover.


Funeral cover plans and pay-out amounts

Cover Options

Cover options

Option 1

Option 2

Options 3

Option 4


R30 000.00

R30 000.00

R50 000.00

R50 000.00


Employee +

Employee +
Spouse + Up to 6
six Children

Employee +

Employee +
Spouse + Up to
six Children


Child Benefits

Cover options

Option 2

Option 4

Stillbirth to 11mnth

R3 750.00

R5 000.00

1 to 5yrs

R7 500.00

R10 000.00

6 to 13yrs

R15 000.00

R30 000.00

14 to 21 years

R30 000.00

R50 000.00


Are Funeral Plans Worth Buying?

Funeral cover is worth the investment because when the employee passes away, we pay out a lump sum to the family within 48 hours. It is well and good for an employee to have life insurance, but because that’s part of their estate, the pay-out could take months — making funeral insurance worthwhile in the long run.

Our group funeral plan pays out as soon as possible after you have alerted us of the deceased’s death, and you lodge a valid claim.

An employee can pass away in many unfortunate situations. To protect employees’ families financially, RMA also has other products such as Group Personal Accident Cover to insure employees against injuries sustained at work, or you could also include cover for employees who commute consistently for company business. This makes employee group cover adaptable for various situations.

RMA Funeral Claim

In the unfortunate event where the employee passes away or needs to make a claim for their beneficiaries, Rand Mutual Assurance prides itself in handling the funeral claims process with compassion and in a timely manner. We are committed to making the claiming process as seamless as possible. Our valid claims are paid out within 48 hours provided that all the necessary documents have been submitted to our claims department.

As one of the leading funeral insurance companies in South Africa, we aim to ease the financial and emotional burden of a loved one passing away.

Funeral Benefit Claim Requirements:

  1. 1. The claimant must lodge a complaint by either contacting the RMA Life Branch through telephone or via email during working hours.
    • Telephone number: 086 010 2532
    • Email:
  2. The Life Branch department will request the documents mentioned below to either be scanned and emailed to the Life Branch or delivered to the claimant’s nearest Life Branch.
    • RMA claim form
    • Certified copy of ID of the deceased
    • Copy of all 4 pages of the DHA 1663/1680 form
    • ID copy of the beneficiary
    • Police report completed by I/O
    • Proof of banking details for the claimant/beneficiary
    • Except for stillbirths and children younger than 1 year, the benefit becomes payable only on the death of an Assured Life on the policy.

Additional Requirements:

  • If the policy has lapsed, the claim will be rejected, and the beneficiary will be notified within 10 days of the decision being made.
  • All benefits are payable to the main member of the policy.
  • If the main member passes away, the benefits are payable to the nominated beneficiaries.
  • If there are beneficiary disputes following the death of the Main Member, the burial services group may be paid for invoiced services to expedite the burial process for an amount not exceeding the cover amount.
  • If both the main member and beneficiaries pass away, RMA will pay the benefits to the person paying for the funeral.
  • Claims for children younger than 1 year that have not yet been added to the policy will be paid if there is proof that the child is a biological child of the main member, adopted or a stepchild of the main member.
  • Cover for stillbirth will be paid only if the attending doctor can confirm that the child had at least 26 weeks of intra-uterine existence before death. The stillborn must be the child of the main member or spouse listed on the policy.
  • A claim for a willful termination of a pregnancy will be rejected.

The benefit payment for children is age-dependent and will payout according to the following table.


Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Still birth to 11 months R1 250 R1 875 R2 500 R3 750
1 to 5 years R2 500 R3 750 R5 000 R7 500
6 to 13 years R5 000 R7 500 R10 000 R15 000
14 to 21 years R10 000 R15 000 R20 000 R30 000

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