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RMA’s head office is on the move

We are delighted to inform you that we will be moving to our new home in July 2020 which is based at building number 10, St Andrews Road, Parktown.

In 2018, our management focused on motivating and empowering our staff coupled with the development and modernisation of our systems to ensure that we have the capabilities to deliver on our existing and future strategies.

People are the core of what makes us successful, as part of our efforts to continue enhancing our capabilities to deliver on our strategy, we decided to acquire a building that will house all head office staff into one building. This decision is a move towards increasing collaboration, improving operations and staff relationships.

We believe that the new office space will offer us an opportunity to work closely together in pursuit of reaching our strategic goals. We are confident that this move will positively affect our staff and improve service delivery to our clients, enabling us to:

  • Foster creativity and collaboration across RMA departments
  • Save on costs by joining two RMA offices into one
  • Increase client centricity and service
  • Create a sense of one RMA

This is a great milestone in our growth journey which we wouldn’t have achieved without your valuable support.

We look forward to sharing the exciting upcoming developments that will ensure that we increase on delivering Caring, Compassionate Compensation to all our stakeholders.

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