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RMA’s headquarters has moved

RMA has officially moved from 22 and 23 Wellington Road to a new office building located at no 10 St Andrews Road, Parktown Johannesburg. RMA’s head office operations previously were spread between two buildings.  
Our move to a new home is about continuous collaboration and cohesive environment to execute our brand promise of caring, compassionate compensation at every level of the organisation. 
We believe that the new office space will offer us an opportunity to work closely together in pursuit of reaching our strategic goals.  We are confident that this move will positively affect our employees and improve service delivery to our stakeholders, enabling us to:

  • • Foster creativity and collaboration across RMA departments
  • • Save on costs by joining two RMA offices into one
  • • Increase client centricity and service
  • • Create a sense of one RMA

This is a great milestone in our growth journey which we wouldn’t have achieved without your valuable support and that of our employees.

Important to note: Offices remain closed for walk-ins

Due to COVID-19, our offices remain closed for the duration of the national lockdown period as our employees continue to work remotely. We assure you that even with the new office move, our business operations are fully operational, and we continue to process claims and payment of medical invoices.

Stay connected, use our Online services 24/7

Use our online services to easily manage your COID policy to report accidents or log occupational injuries and diseases claims, upload medical reports and supporting documents and follow the status of a claim.

We look forward to continued engagements with all our stakeholders while we deliver on our promise of Caring, Compassionate Compensation from our new home.

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