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CJP enhances employee protection by providing cover in the event that an employee dies or becomes disabled as a result of an accidental injury which occurred while:

  • Journeying between home and work on a reasonable, direct route.
  • Travelling to and from company sanctioned events such as Sports, Memorial Services and Funerals

Cover is for all modes of transport including own and rented

Benefits payable

1. Medical benefits

All medical expenses related to the injury are paid at 100% of the medical tariff for up to two years. Medical facilities covered include private hospitals, consultations, rehabilitation, surgical procedures etc

2. Temporary Total Disablement (Days Off)

Temporary income replacement benefit or days off benefit for days off work while the employee is injured, or while recovering from a work-related injury. The employee is paid 75% of their salary during their days off due to injury.

3. Permanent Disablement

There are two ways in which the employee is compensated for permanent disablement:

  • Lump sum payment – for disablement assessed between 1 – 30%
  • Monthly pension – for disablement assessed to be greater than 30%. Monthly pension paid out is a portion of the employee’s earnings at the time of the accident

4. Death Benefits

If the employee dies as a result of their injury, these benefits will be paid out to their beneficiaries

  • Once-off lump sum payment to the spouse/s;
  • Monthly pension to the spouse;
  • Monthly pension to the children: payable until the age of 18 years unless the child is studying in which case an extension must be applied for; and
  • Once-off funeral benefit.

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