CompCare Administration System


Maintain Policies with Our Integrated IT Adminstration System

To help make run your business more effectively and easily, we have an integrated, high-powered IT system for the administration, adjudication and processing of compensation claims. The system is supported by sound business processes and workflows. It encompasses all the necessary components to ensure a secure, controlled and efficient system to meet and support a business’s processing needs and requirements.

We are the administrator of choice for occupational injuries and diseases for Class IV (Mining), Class XIII (Iron, Steel and Metal) and related industries. Through our CompCare system, we offer enhanced efficiencies for the administration of compensation claims

How CompCare can help you:

  • The system has the capability to maintain policies and premiums.
  • Generate policy quotations and invoices.
  • Maintain policy benefits.
  • Administer claims
  • Adjudicate claims.
  • Process claim benefit payments.
  • Maintain and generate medical treatment pre-authorisation.
  • Process medical invoices including tariff validations and pre-authorisation.
  • Maintain and process pension payments. The system has a built-in ICD10 code medical costing, and temporary and permanent disability and maximum medical improvement (MMI) estimation models.


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