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RMA understands the importance of your employee's wellbeing. That is why we have a range of products to best suit your requirements when it comes to compensation for occupational injuries or illness.

Family like to see each other healthy, well and happy. We’re the helping hand, the caring and compassion that sees your employees through difficult times, when injured or ill on duty. We are the warmth and assurance needed when life hands them difficulties. We are here for you and your employees.

Crime and Injury Commuting Journey Policy

Crime and Injury CJP enhances employee protection by providing insurance cover against crime and injury for up to R7.5 million if an employee dies or suffers injury as a result of an incident which occurred while travelling to or from work and work sanctioned events.

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Commuting Journey Policy

CJP enhances Employee protection by providing cover if an employee dies or becomes disabled as a result of an accidental injury which occurred while travelling to or from work and work sanctioned events.

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Group Personal Accident

GPA offers cover in the event of a non-work-related accident such as a motor vehicle accident, to help reduce the financial burdens.

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Augmentation Policy

The Augmentation Policy is a top-up cover of the COID benefit, suitable for employees that earn above the COID maximum payment limit.

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RMA Funeral Cover

The RMA funeral cover is designed to offer financial support to families when a loved one passes away.

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To help make run your business more effectively and easily, RMA has an integrated, high-powered IT administration system for the administration, adjudication and processing of compensation claims.

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COID Cover

The COID cover is there to provide employees with compensation cover for work-related injuries or illnesses contracted at work.

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International Cover

Ensures that employees who work outside South Africa and can still enjoy cover for occupational injuries or diseases.

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